2 Ways To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Sep 17, 2021 | Blog

The pandemic and the lockdowns that followed meant that many of us have spent more time in our homes than ever before.  This has given many the opportunity to really stop and assess their homes and think about whether or not the spaces we inhabit on a daily basis make us happy and leave us feeling inspired.  Endless hours upon hours of being safe at home led many to reflect on all the to do list of jobs that we may have been wanting to do at home for many years.

Many people have rediscovered the joys of home cooking, and are now spending more time preparing their meals, and the stats show that there has been an

increase in home cooked meals from scratch since lockdown.  This increased time in the kitchen has inevitably led more people to want to make improvements to their kitchen.

Whilst a custom designed kitchen makeover may not been possible for some as

finances have taken a hit, there are still things that you can do to spruce up your kitchen with options that make a real statement with only moderate effort and cost.

Here are a few ideas:


Glass, stainless steel or copper sheets are reasonably easy to fit and look very sleek. They make a nice change from tiles and are a lot less time consuming to fit.

Change Your Lighting

Kitchen lighting needs to be flexible in order to be effective but it needn’t cost the earth. You can create a really impressive lighting scheme on a budget by installing an under cabinet lighting system. LED tape lights are light-weight and have adhesive on the back, making it easier to install.

You can also easily plug them in without any hard-wiring required.   You can even control these lights using a standalone remote control or with your mobile device and choose from an array of colour combinations.  Upgrading the lighting is one of the most effective ways to spruce up your kitchen on a budget. You can get the look and feel of a higher-end kitchen with minimal outlay but maximum impact.

So, two simple but effective ways to spruce up your kitchen on a budget. If you have time on your hands at the moment and you are looking at ways to improve your home, these ideas should be a step in the right direction.

Have a great weekend

Clinton and Fiona