2023 Trends Part 3 – Functional But Beautiful Kitchens

Jan 20, 2023 | Blog

Going into 2023 there has been a noticeable shift away from the sparkling show home style that we have seen in recent years.  As a result of coming out of the last few years of people staying at home more, we have noticed that homeowners are acknowledging the practicality and functionality of their kitchens and are going to great length to make sure that this reflect in the overall presentation of their kitchens.

Kitchens are reclaiming the lived-in, homely look, no longer ashamed of not being show home worthy on a daily basis – because as the busiest and most functional space in the house, that level of perfection is hard to live up to at all times. That’s not to say we no longer want beautifully organised kitchens, it just means there’s room for a little more reality and comfort to be visible to make homes feel cozy and lived in.

Most kitchen functions as the heart of the home and so it should be designed accordingly. The kitchen should accommodate the whole family with enough comfortable and cozy seating to congregate and relax.
Workstation elements have become a feature, but we have also noticed that many homeowners are also considering the family pet within their designs, ensuring the heart of the home is perfect for all members of the family.
Beautiful cabinetry is a nice way to bring a warm family feel to a kitchen, because after all, we aren’t going for a showroom, we are aiming for a multifunctional space that reflects the needs of your family.

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Clinton and Fiona