4 Uplifting Ideas For Spring

Apr 22, 2022 | News

Spring is a time for excitement, planning, and opportunity, and although it maybe too soon to predict that summer heatwave, there’s nothing wrong with being just a little optimistic, so here are 4 spring time ideas to spice up your kitchen.

1. Add a splash of colour

An injection of colour to your kitchen design can create an impressive look as well as giving you the opportunity to add your personality and unique style to your room. Whether it’s by displaying colourful plates and pottery on open shelves, or perhaps by introducing furniture or paintings on the wall. Colour can be as permanent or as temporary as you wish, splashbacks, coloured appliances and feature walls or temporary decorations such as vases, artwork and even plants.

2. Bring your garden inside

No matter what style your kitchen is, it is important a kitchen feels warm and welcoming from the second you walk in. A great way to add life and warmth into a kitchen is to bring the outside in, like a bouquet of flowers, small collection of fresh herbs or decorative succulents. Not only will you be bringing nature inside, but you’ll be adding in fresh floral smells and pops of colour. Greens, pale pinks and whites for example can give a light, airy touch to a monochrome kitchen and work beautifully with wood.

3. Fresh fruit bowls

Nothing feels quite as nice as an ice-cold glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or homemade lemonade! By adding a bowl full of fruits such as oranges and lemons make for especially pretty décor in this space. In addition to being a tasty treat for you each morning, it’s a quick and easy way to introduce fresh zing into your kitchen as well as making your guests feel that your kitchen and dining area is fresh, clean, and welcoming. Alternatively, if fruit isn’t your jam, then why not leave out a bowl of colourful vegetables such as peppers, carrots, tomatoes, avocados or any other fruit that you may commonly use for your meals.

4. Summer fabrics

Fabrics are often overlooked when it comes to kitchen design, with the main focus in the design being on cabinets, shelves, lighting and worktops. Understandably these are the main pillars to kitchen design; however final tweaks on interior details such as the fabrics in a room can have an enormous visual impact. Whether it’s a new rug, blind or even a simple touch like a new tea towel – by introducing bright, summery patterned fabrics to your kitchen you’re one step closer to creating a summer haven in the comfort of your own home. Your choice of colour for your fabric can be a way of tying together a common colour you use to feature in your kitchen. Popular fabric colours we have seen are terracotta oranges, mustard yellows, sky blues. These are always a great choices especially in summer-time where colours on blinds or curtains are brightened with the regular warm sunlight.

Have a great weekend

Clinton and Fiona