5 Farmhouse Style Kitchen Ideas

Oct 23, 2020 | Blog

The idea of a Farmhouse style kitchen is designed to be the hub of the home, cosy and welcoming, relaxed and functional. The Farmhouse kitchen style isn’t what you would define as ‘minimal’, these kitchen designs are usually full of life and it often reflects the needs of the household. This design is more homely and comforting than any other as it efficiently utilises the kitchen space which allows more room to create amazing food whilst entertaining and socialising with friends and family. Whether you’re out in the country or in an urban flat, you can customise your kitchen to create that iconic country vibe with a few simple design steps.


1. Open Shelving

For a conventional farmhouse kitchen look, you can use wooden open shelving units to store your essentials, whilst you might also want to opt for shaker style overhead cupboards to store the other kitchen utensils and items. Combining the use of natural materials is a fantastic way to achieve a rustic farmhouse look and it also means that the shelves will last longer.


2. Wall Panelling

For years, wood panelling, also known as shiplap, has been seen in country kitchens, giving them a rustic and homey look. Tongue and Groove wall panelling most often vertical, brings a laid-back look that is timeless and modern. Whether used on walls, kitchen islands, cabinetry or ceilings, it is warm, welcoming and really quite refreshing.


3. Materials

The use of natural materials is one of the most undeniable features in any farmhouse aesthetic, the style embraces the organic imperfections seen in materials such as wood and raw metals. Using reclaimed wood for countertops and dining tables brings that country vibe and is a great, sustainable inexpensive way to achieve the distressed, weathered look.


4. Big Sinks

Farmhouse kitchens have only one form when it comes to basins, and it’s ceramic. Traditional and hard-wearing, a deep ceramic Belfast sink combined with a high-quality draining board is the perfect addition to the farmhouse style. Most farmhouse designs tend to use a light base colour which is why a ceramic basin would work wonderfully.


5. Textures

Rugs add warmth and texture to any space but it’s an essential fixture in any country kitchen. Richly coloured patterns and traditional prints give a sense of home and anchors the space. A contemporary take on this would be to add texture in the form of wall art and don’t forget to pile up plenty of cosy blankets and throws on a strategically placed chair by the Aga!

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