Jul 23, 2019 | Trends

5 TIPS TO GET YOUR KITCHEN FEELING LIKE SUMMER – Has this heatwave got you thinking about ways to inject some summertime charm into your kitchen? If so then this guide is the perfect read for you.

1. Add a splash of colour

Dip your toe into the colour pool by adding a subtle splash of colour into your kitchen this summer. Whether it’s by displaying colourful plates and pottery on open shelves, or perhaps by introducing furniture or paintings on the wall.

Another great way to introduce colour into your kitchen is with the use of colourful kitchen appliances. Such as kettles, toasters, a Kitchen Aid mixer or any other worktop appliance must have in your kitchen.

2. Bring your garden inside

No matter how a kitchen is designed, be it contemporary or traditional, it’s important a kitchen feels warm and welcoming from the second you walk in. It’s essential that a kitchen feels ‘lived in’ rather than simply a set for a glossy magazine photoshoot.

The best way to achieve this is to bring the outside in – fresh cut flowers, or perhaps a small collection of herb plants sitting in the windowsill. Adding fresh cut flowers from your garden and a colourful fruit-bowl to a kitchen island (or dining table) will help bring the space to life, as well as adding a pop of colour! Greens, pale pinks and whites for example can give a light, airy touch to a monochrome kitchen and work beautifully with wood.

3. Squeeze fresh fruit

Nothing says summer quite like an ice cold glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or homemade lemonade! In addition to being a tasty treat for you each morning, citrus fruit is also commonly associated with the Mediterranean. A region well known for their dry and beautiful summers. Therefore it’s a quick and easy way to add a zing of summertime sunshine into your kitchen, as so many of us link them to this glorious season. So why not have a large fruit bowl dedicated just for oranges and lemons? – Your taste buds will thank you too!

Alternatively, if citrus fruit isn’t your jam then try growing them rather than juicing them! A mini lemon tree or orange tree in your kitchen window will have a similar effect to a bowl of them on your dining table. This way you can still use the fruit in cooking or simply for their summery aesthetics.

4. Summer fabrics

Fabrics are often overlooked when it comes to kitchen design, with a main focus being on cabinets, shelves, lighting and worktops. Understandably these are the main pillars to kitchen design; however final tweaks on interior details such as the fabrics in a room can have an enormous visual impact. Whether it’s a new rug, blind or even a simple touch like a new tea towel – by introducing bright, summery patterned fabrics to your kitchen you’re one step closer to creating a summer haven in the comfort of your own home. Terracotta oranges, mustard yellows and sky blues are always a safe go to when it comes to summer colours for fabrics.

5. Restyle your kitchen shelves

When you think of summer meals it’s BBQs and salads that come to mind, rather than slow cooked hearty stews and soups. A handy tip for summer time is to rethink your shelves, whether they’re open and on display or behind cabinet doors. If possible put large casserole dishes and baking trays away in storage until the colder months come in, making room for all we’ve mentioned so far.