5 Ways to Renew and Re-energise Spaces

Feb 19, 2021 | Blog

After almost a year of working from home, tidy and efficient workspaces are a given for productivity values but making your space aesthetically pleasing can lift your mood with a beautiful set up around every corner. Here are some home styling tips on how to re-energise your live, work and play areas.

1. A Dedicated Plant Area

Introducing plants into a space is a sure way to bring a relaxed feel to interiors, the instant hit of nature adds beauty as well as purifying the air. If you don’t have the green finger touch why not opt for on trend faux botanicals, easy to look after and creates the nature vibe without the overwatering.

2. Scents

Sensory experiences help sharpen your focus, Essential oils and diffusers add atmospheric value to spaces. Use different oils for calm and vibrant feels throughout your home.

3. Seating

Sitting at a desk all day means the right chair is essential for posture and productivity. After months of WFH, you might have found that a dining chair (or your sofa) just isn’t cutting it as a desk chair for eight-hour workdays. Just like desks, comfy office chairs have come a long way in design, opt for a pop of colour, velvet or retro lines to enhance your style.

4. Accessorise

Décor elevates any work surface and adds instant glamour. Get creative with wall art by experimenting with mirrors and wall plates. Introduce baskets under consoles for necessary storage and texture value and quirky vessels for stationary and plants.

5. Drinks Station

If you’re missing your morning coffee run before hitting the office, consider making your coffee break a luxurious ritual by investing in quality roast coffee beans. Pour your coffee as carefully as you pick it with handcrafted stoneware mugs that can also be displayed on open shelving for kitchen chic kudos.


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Clinton and Fiona