7 Colouring Kitchen Ideas

Oct 15, 2021 | Blog

Once upon a time brown, beige, white and grey dominated kitchens, and then colour came along and became ‘on trend’.  However, colour in the kitchen isn’t a new concept. It was a force in kitchens between the 1930s -1950s, with bold punchy colours which were the focus of the earlier decades, and soft pastel tones in the latter.

The 1960s brought wood, then beige entered the stage as the new neutral of the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  By the 2010 we saw a dramatic shift towards minimalism inspired by the Scandinavian style, but as the 2020’s have progress, the tide has turned again and colour had made a comeback.

If your kitchen needs a colour comeback, then here are a few ideas.

Do you remember when appliances only came in two options, clinical white plastic or cold stainless steel?  Now there’s now a myriad of fun choices when it comes to the colour of appliances big and small), from large brightly coloured fridges to trendy toaster and kettle sets in pastel shades.

Cupboard Doors
Colourful cabinets dominated kitchen design in most of the first half of the twentieth century and they are definitely back, so why not add a bit of retro flair.

If your crockery is in need of an upgrade, choose colourful pieces and place them on display, as this is such a simple way to add a splash of colour to your kitchen when on a budget!

Kitchenware & Accessories
If a full kitchen refit isn’t in your budget, opt for colourful accessories instead – this is such a simple and inexpensive way to brighten up your space.  Think tea coffee and sugar jars, vases and faux flowers displayed on the work surface.  You can also choose soft furnishings in your favourite shades and prints to liven up your space.

Create an eye-catching focal piece by installing a coloured splashback in your kitchen.  Easy to clean, modern and available in a large number of colours and finishes, coloured glass is a fantastic option for any homeowner to brighten up their space.

Needless to say, repainting your walls in your favourite shade for a simple yet effective kitchen refresh is an easy win!

Install wall tiles in your favourite shade is a great idea, and remember you don’t need to be limited to just one shade.  Mix and match to create a colour block effect, or look for patterned tiles in a variety of complementary tones.

We hope these ideas will inspire you to give your kitchen a colour lift.

Have a great weekend

Clinton and Fiona