Avoid Making Mistakes

Nov 26, 2021 | Blog

Making mistakes is often how we learn, but what if you could avoid making mistakes in the first place?

The primary function of a kitchen is to cook and prepare food, so it has to be highly functional. It’s therefore important to always start the design process by looking at how you use the space when preparing and cooking meals, but who says functional kitchen ideas can’t be stunning?

When it comes to planning a kitchen, making the most of every inch of usable space is a must.  A very common mistake in kitchen design is not including enough counter space to work with, so remember to include enough space to prepare meals, display your appliances, wash up, and include the potential for space to eat and socialise if that is how you plan on using your kitchen.

Plan and allocate a space for every single thing, because by sticking to a clear plan you also avoid the temptation to overcrowd your brand new kitchen.  For bulkier items, you could consider pull out corner storage.  Designed to easily fit into the cabinets, pull out storage helps efficiently store away items and make them easy to access when needed.  All of these options are worthwhile when it comes to creating a kitchen that works its hardest to cater for all your needs.

Waste Disposal
Although this may sound completely obvious, but when it comes to the rubbish, because it’s the least glamorous part, bins are often overlooked.  Given waste is totally unavoidable it should be factored in as a priority, even more so given we now require separate recycling, food and general waste disposal.  The best solution is integrated bins, or at least cupboards to conceal freestanding bins.

Like most rooms, it’s important to get the lighting right for the functional use as well as the aesthetic look.  Prepping food will require more direct, brighter lighting than that of a dining area within the kitchen, and smart kitchen lighting ideas such as spotlights concealed under wall cabinets and in the ceiling are still the most popular, practical choice to use throughout.  They can be grouped according to tasks, and used with dimmer switches so you can change the atmosphere in an instant.

For areas of the kitchen where family and friends gather, consider living-room style lighting and a really great idea is pendants, as they add a more focal light source and create ambiance.

Often the temptation to DIY is so great that we forget the level of expertise involved in planning any major home project.  Especially with a kitchen where so many things have the potential to go wrong, consulting a professional design team like ourselves can prove to be worth its weight in gold,

A smart investment at the beginning of the project can prove to be more cost-effective in comparison to an amateur take on such a potentially complex task, and there’s no shame in getting some expert advice, especially when undertaking a massive project.

Have a great weekend.

Clinton and Fiona