Beautiful Blue Kitchens

Jul 15, 2022 | News

We all know that kitchens can sometimes be stressful places. That’s what makes blue such a good spectrum of colour to use for any room where food is prepared. It’s tranquil, calming and most importantly always stylish.

If you’re after a kitchen that won’t date, you can’t go wrong with blue cabinets. As a general rule, dark blue cabinets will give your kitchen a classic look, while lighter shades will make for a light, airy feel. Blue is a cool colour by nature, and it works well with pretty much any other cool tone: grey, purple, even black and metallic colours. Using colour combinations like these will give your room a sense of stability and calm. One of the most universally pleasing colours, blue, not only works in all types of rooms from kitchens to bathrooms to living rooms, but it also lends itself well to just about every style in the book: coastal, traditional, modern, boho, art deco … you name it!

There’s no denying that blue units look beautiful and make a bold statement, but it’s not always necessary to change everything. Of course, if it’s time for a new kitchen that’s exciting. Yet there are other ways to introduce shades of blue that don’t entail huge expense. Painting your kitchen cabinets is an easy and cost-effective way of upgrading your kitchen without much effort. Coordinating colour ideas is where many of us get stuck when it comes to custom designing a new kitchen space. There are hundreds of blue shades out there, so the single most important decision when you are looking what colour goes well with blue, is your purpose.

For clients who prefer to use blue as a feature within their kitchen design, one of the most classic colour combinations is blue and white. It is commonly used for coastal designs, but it is also the perfect colour scheme for a period home, be it a Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian or even Regency.

Whatever your theme, our award winning designers can put together some ideas for the perfect accent and pairing colours to make your scheme sing. Whether you’re looking for energetic and vibrant, or soft and serene, we’re here to help!

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Clinton and Fiona