Countertops that will last Part 2

Oct 8, 2021 | Blog

Last week we started a mini series focused on choosing the right countertop for your custom designed kitchen.  Here are a few more tips to help you with your final choice.

Stain Resistance
If you love a good glass of red wine or a cup of black coffee, this is the section you’ll want to pay close attention to.  Not all counters are equally stain-resistant due to their porous nature, namely, natural stone countertops.  If they are not properly sealed, white and grey marble countertops will start to feature lovely purple and brown stained rings from forgotten spills, and once these stains happen, they are hard if not impossible to remove.  Choose a stain-resistant, non-porous countertop material like quartz.
Since quartz is an engineered material consisting of 90% natural stone and 10% resins, you’ll get the look of high-end stone, but without the high-maintenance needs.

Ease of Care
No one likes extra chores, and speciality chores are often the ones that get forgotten or avoided the most, and by speciality I mean things like oiling countertops. The chore gets forgotten, and the countertop starts to decline.  Many types of natural stone countertops must be regularly sealed to help prevent wear and tear and to maintain their lustre and shine.  If this type of extra work isn’t in the cards for you, choose a countertop material that requires little to no TLC.  Quartz also fits into the low-maintenance countertop category that lasts without the extra effort.

We are sure that you have seen outdated kitchens on some of your favourite TV home shows, and we all know that those laminate kitchen countertops just never seem to stand the test of time, so choose a countertop with a timeless appeal, made with durable materials and it may be the last countertop you have to install ever again.  This also applies If you are considering selling your home further down the road, as a high-quality countertop material in a safe colour choice or pattern will be a great return on your investment.

If you think that you need to pick the most expensive, top of the line countertop material to last you through the years, you are not necessarily right.  More often than not it is the middle of the road materials which will provide the most beauty and utility for your needs.  Opt for high-quality materials at the best price point for your budget and you’ll get durability and style that’s more than worth its weight in gold.

If you are still not sure what your best options are when it comes to picking out a countertop that’s meant to last, get in touch with us and we will help you evaluate your needs, budget and style preferences.

Have a great weekend

Clinton and Fiona