Creative Cabinet Ideas

Apr 16, 2021 | Blog

The right Kitchen Cabinets are key to making a kitchen both functional and beautiful. Having both enough storage and the type of storage can either be a source of frustration or an organisational lifeline. Whether you prefer a more traditional look or something a little more contemporary, a custom designed kitchen can help you get organised and add colour, finishes and hardware that make your most used room an altogether more pleasant experience.

Full Height


Sneak extra storage into your kitchen by extending height to fridges, alcoves and over counter cabinets. Voids such as over the fridge is a great example of unused space. Bespoke cabinets made to measure can create valuable storage solutions that can encase a large fridge and extend to ceiling height, great for housing large appliances that get used infrequently.



Customising an island unit can be a great way to build in storage with extra cabinets and drawers. This has the added advantage of keeping walls clear and keeping storage on the horizontal plain giving the illusion of elongated high ceilings. Add personal touches like basket drawers, wine racks and open shelving to display your favourite vases, vessels and tapas boards.


Semi – hidden


Using unusual materials such as metal grating and rattan can create partially hidden storage but with an open plan feel. Both these materials can provide a beautiful aesthetic inside a wood framed cabinet door, use full height cabinets that sit on countertops, giving a free standing dresser look to cabinetry and making use of large wall areas.


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