Declutter Your Kitchen

Jan 28, 2022 | Blog

Before you embark on a campaign to get your kitchen organised, you first need to take a long hard look at the items that you have. Are you storing items you just don’t use? Are you hiding a pasta maker that hasn’t seen the light of day since you first purchased it? Is there a specific crockery set which you never use but save ‘just in case’? If you are running out of kitchen cupboard space, it is wise to consider what you are actually storing in your kitchen and how often you use it? Channel your inner Marie Kondo, and decide whether items you may be hanging onto “spark joy” or are actually likely to stay at the back of the pantry for another ten years unused. If you are struggling for kitchen storage space, also think about other areas of the home in which certain items could potentially be housed. For example, could that “special set” of glass wear potentially be relocated to a living room?

Create kitchen zones:
Kitchen zones are all about areas of your kitchen that serve specific purposes. Whether your kitchen is large or small, it can be extremely helpful to think in terms of zones. Break the spaces in your kitchen down into “work zones”. For example, food storage space, your cooking and prep zone, and your cleaning zone (kitchen sink and dishwasher area). The key to organising is to make sure that any items have a home. This helps to both ensure that you are never struggling with where to put things away, and also helps you to get the whole family on board too.

Get the most out of kitchen storage:
The absolute key to having a zen feeling kitchen is to have free worktop space. Any clutter which sits on the top of your kitchen units will make the entire kitchen area feel untidy, so making the most of storage which is hidden inside your units is key. This is often the reason that kitchen designers suggest integrated appliances too, as it gives a uniformity to the space that just makes the kitchen ‘flow’.

If you are low on storage space in your kitchen, there are plenty of clever kitchen accessories that can help you to make more of your existing units. As an example, make your kitchen corner units work for you by inserting a corner mechanism that makes accessing those hard to reach corners super easy.

Decluttering is good not only for your kitchen but for your wardrobe and life in general.

Have a great weekend

Clinton and Fiona