Drab To Fab!

Nov 19, 2021 | Blog

The kitchen is one of the most notoriously high traffic areas, which means it can very quickly go fab to drab.  So what does it take to turn it around?

Here are some baseline fundamentals that can help

Muted Colour
In recent years, kitchens have been assaulted with eye watering primary colours.  While it is thought that white will still continue to dominate in the form of accents, every other aspect from walls, to cabinet and splashbacks will find themselves in laid back, muted or neutrals pastel shades. Soft greys through to charcoals, pale blues and tinted whites will be paired with muted greens and pale yellow. The overall finish is a much softer, warmer room.

High Tech
The rise of smart phones and IT means that kitchen manufacturers are now creating offerings that support the high tech world.  Kitchen worktops that offer wireless charging, fridges that send you a text when items are reaching their use by date and smart food scales that aid you in achieving your nutritional goals – there truly is a kitchen gadget for everything.

Contrasting Textures
Over time we have seen designers be obsessed with metal, as the ‘industrial’ trend really took off.  It began with cooker hoods, from brushed aluminium to warmer toned copper, brass and bronze –  love of metallic finishes doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of stopping.

Light Play
Ceiling strip lights and thoughtless overhead lights are no longer in demand. Kitchen lighting is making a shift from purely practical to accented and aesthetically pleasing. By using light tape strips, the humble kitchen cabinet can be used as a platform to create great lighting.  Placing low voltage light strips above, underneath or even inside cabinets, soft and subtle will create a warm glow.  LED Spotlights in washboards or below counters that overhang work much in the same way, and also make a nice design point.

It is possible to manipulate the shape of a room by using clever lighting.  As an example, if you have a room with high ceiling, the space can often seem vacuous and cold, but by using low hanging pendant lights, over a kitchen island or a dining table, you can visually lower the sense of scale.

These ideas are simple but very effective and are a great baseline for you commencing the journey from drab to fab

Have a great weekend.

Clinton and Fiona