Following up with Green

Jun 5, 2020 | Blog

So we have been looking for colour inspiration and following on from last week, we thought we’d look at the colour green.

If you’re looking for ways to bring the outside into your custom designed kitchen, you might want to consider incorporating the colour green. It’s a timeless choice that can impart a range of emotions depending on the shade and intensity.

Green strongly influences the heart and helps alleviate tension, bright green will make you feel energetic while a hue with blue undertones evokes calm and harmony.

Because it’s surprisingly versatile, it’s compatible with a range of palettes. Green is a secondary colour that’s created by combining primary colours blue and yellow. Colour theory usually dictates that secondary colours match well with the colours that make them up.

Another thing to remember about colours that match with green is that green itself is a pretty good base colour which means that getting another colour that can stand out against a green background can be a safe and stylish choice.

Here are a few classic colour combinations that are tried and tested;

Green and Tan

Green and brown are the two colours of nature so naturally this colour combination is mindfully appealing. Wooden furniture, floor, walls, picture frames, its most common for living rooms and definitely worth considering for your kitchen, in both the traditional and modern sense. The intensity of the shades depends on personal preference and what pleases the eye. Light green walls with brown furniture give a living room a simple relaxed feeling while the colour combination of dark green and brown in the kitchen looks more complex.

Green and Pink

Pink brings a sensation of summer, happiness and joy into the room with an air of positivity.

If it’s a deeper, more intense look you’re after, then opt for shades of purple, its directly opposite green on the colour wheel which makes it the perfect complementary colour to lift the spirit of a room, making it more full of life.

Green and White

White is an ideal accent colour to combine with green. It’s bright and clean, so it creates an overall room design that feels crisp and fresh. Opt for a pure, bright white hue when you want the most striking contrast between the two colours. Select colours such as antique white, off-white, ecru, linen, eggshell or pearl if you want a slightly more subdued shade. White trim and white wall accessories are especially appealing against light-green painted walls, and support cottage, country and modern decor motifs.

Whatever shade and combination of green you choose, it goes wonderfully with every colour available on the spectrum, so with little effort, we’re sure we will be able to help you find the mix you’re looking for!

Have a great weekend

Clinton and Fiona