Gather Your Ideas

Dec 16, 2022 | Blog

Christmas is a great time for relaxation so how about creating a mood board of your ideas for the new year.

Mood boards can help you put together key pieces, colour palettes and lifestyle choices before a penny is spent, and is an essential tool in ensuring that you get your perfect kitchen bespoke to you. We’ve put together some helpful steps on how to create a mood board at the beginning of your project where you can focus all of your thoughts in one space.

Happiness is the Key

No doubt you’re probably going to be spending a lot of your time in the kitchen, so it’s important to create a space that will make you happy. Don’t opt for the latest trends because the magazine says ‘the colour of the year is pink!’. Pick shades and hues that lift your spirits but also reflect your lifestyle. Colour charts and wheels are a useful place to start, keep your number of key looks to a maximum of three as a rule and use the tonal spectrum of your chosen colour to create zonal organisational elements in a busy space like a kitchen.

Texture & Fittings

What do you love? Do you lean towards the rustic effect of wood, or a more industrial concrete or stainless steel? Play around with different images of your favourite materials and furniture and how they sit with your chosen colour scheme. Try to remember that trends are trends for a reason and you can introduce them in elements such as rugs and accessories to keep up with the latest styles. Once you’ve got your palette of three colours and a surface texture, you can start shopping and pulling your visuals together.


Traditionally mood boards are created by hand so you have a physical representation of materials, textures and colours to help you with the design. However with the development of social media, now you can also organise your images online. Pinterest is a popular tool which provides acres of inspiration, enabling you to create separate boards for different subjects, but there are lots of mood board design options like Canva and Photoshop to give you everything you need to create you perfect look. All that’s left is to add your digital mood board to your phone and keep it as a reference when you’re ready to shop to make it easier to stick to your scheme and show designers what you’re after!

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Good luck and have fun!

Clinton and Fiona