Get Your Kitchen Christmas Ready!

Dec 17, 2021 | Blog

Space is always at a premium in any kitchen, and if there’s ever a time when you need every centimetre of counter-top space then it’s Christmas.

This is why you need to clear every inch of available counter space for the preparation of Christmas dinner and general cooking, as clearing away the clutter and making the most of the space you have is important.

Similarly, although hanging up decorations in the kitchen is not advisable, you might want to change things up.  Consider how you can get the kitchen Christmas-ready in terms of colour scheme and décor. This is the chance to swap those summery pastel shades of dinnerware for deep reds and greens.  Just as you change your wardrobe for particular seasons, you can do the same in the kitchen too.

The ovens in the kitchen (both conventional and microwave) work hard during the festive season. Give them a good clean beforehand. If you heat a damp sponge in the microwave for a minute or so, removing even the most stubborn and toughest of stains will be simple. Cleaning your main oven in time for Christmas is a must-do too. Don’t leave it until the last minute – get it all sparkly and clean in good time for the turkey now.

There are a multitude of dedicated oven cleaning products on the market.  If you aren’t lucky enough to have a pyrolytic oven, the most effective way to the get the oven Christmas-ready is to give it a quick clean first with a damp cloth.  Next, sprinkle baking soda and vinegar on the bottom of the oven.  Let the mixture sit for a while and then simply wipe away the residue with a cloth. Even the toughest of grease stains and burnt food will come away easily with this treatment.

Christmas is coming, so get ready.

Have a great weekend

Clinton and Fiona