Inside The Mind Of A Designer

Aug 6, 2021 | Blog

From your appointment to your installation, we can offer you an elevated level of expert advice.  We have a team of kitchen designers that are dedicated to finding the most current trends and helping you design your dream kitchen, and because of our open-source arrangement with a multitude of suppliers, we are well equipped to offer you the best deals.  But what are we thinking when it comes to designing your kitchen, and what can you do to help us get to the point quickly and efficiently?

Well, there are very specific tenets of design – or design basics – that all but the most out there of designers consider when looking at an existing kitchen, in order to vision how it could be different.

It is true that functionality matters but it is also true we want to provide functionality within a visual framework that makes your custom designed kitchen FEEL GOOD!

Here is our top 7 hit-list:

  1. Unity or harmony – elements should work together to create a united theme or energetic resonance.
  2. Balance – objects should be balanced – this can be done symmetrically, asymmetrically and/or radially (more on that below).
  3. Rhythm – there should be a semblance of order within design elements, and this is carried out rhythmically via repetition, alternation and progression.
  4. Emphasis or focal point – there is a singular (maybe two in a very large space) emphasis or focal point that draws the eye, to/from which all other elements compliment or contrast.
  5. Contrast – without contrast, rooms appear washed-out and lose any sense of boundaries/borders – a reason why monochrome design will use texture or variations in lines and shapes to make up for lacking contrast.
  6. Scale and proportion – another way balance comes into the mix, for example, hanging a proportionately-sized chandelier in an eating area with a high ceiling – which serves to marry the high- and low-points.
  7. Details – these are the little things that make all the difference – blasts of colour, glass cabinet inserts displaying the right items, suspended fixtures over the kitchen island, and those accessories you just can’t do without.

Thinking in this way combined with a plan, will help you to get the right balance between design and functionality.
If you have any questions or need help with a custom design, please get in touch.

Have a great weekend!

Clinton and Fiona