Introducing you to Blue

May 29, 2020 | Blog

Blue is a cool colour by nature, and it works well with pretty much any other cool tone: grey, purple, even black and metallic colours. Using colour combinations like these will give your room a sense of stability and calm. For a higher contrast and a bolder look, use a warm accent colour, like red or yellow which make dark shades of blue stand out.

One of the most universally pleasing colours, blue, not only works in all types of rooms from kitchens to bathrooms to living rooms, but it also lends itself well to just about every style in the book: coastal (obviously), traditional, modern, boho, art deco … you name it!

Of course, coordinating colour ideas is where many of us get stuck when it comes to custom designing a new kitchen space. There are hundreds of blue shades out there, so the single most important decision when you are looking what colour goes well with blue, is your purpose. So ask yourself what is your goal? Blue is one of those colours that makes everyone feel good. It can be relaxing, enveloping, subtle, clean and even refreshing depending on the shade you go for.

So whatever your theme, we can put together some ideas for the perfect accent and pairing colours to make your scheme sing, whether you’re looking for energetic and vibrant, or soft and serene.

Have a great weekend

Clinton and Fiona