It’s all in the detail

Jan 22, 2021 | Blog

When it comes to choosing cabinets and doors for your custom built kitchen there are a range of finishes and profiles to choose from. Once you have chosen the material and style, the next important design step is to think about the handles. They are something we don’t often think about when it comes to choosing kitchen decor, but the style of kitchen handle you choose can totally change the tone of your cabinetry so it’s a choice that must be made carefully. There is a plethora of styles, shapes finishes and materials to choose from. Plus, with a space as practical as a kitchen, there’s lots of usability considerations that come into it too. Whatever your style, details make the design, so we’ve listed a few ideas to help you get the look you’re after.


Bar & T-bar kitchen handles


With clean lines and superb versatility, bar and T-bar shapes lend themselves more to modern kitchen cupboard handle categories. But don’t let that limit you, they can look sharp in almost any setting and come in huge range of finishes and have both the greatest grip-able surface and usually a little more clearance from the cupboard surface. If your design is simple, jazz it up in a fancy finish.


Traditional cup handles


Typically found in country-style kitchens, cup handles lend themselves to a period feel and come in a whole range of finishes. Think of them as the ultimate shaker kitchen door handle. They are designed to tuck your fingers underneath so make sure you pick ones that suit your needs. Whilst these emanate understated style, they pack a punch and are a truly timeless choice.


Recessed kitchen handles


Recessed handles are a go-to for contemporary kitchen cupboard handles. It saves space, is safer around children and you can find different designs depending on whether you go for slide or pull cupboards. Add some lighting under the worktop to add another dimension to your recessed handles and create some lovely ambient lighting in the evening. Recessed handles a superb choice for a lover of clean, minimal lines and no fuss.


Kitchen cupboard knobs


Simple, compact and so versatile, a basic kitchen cupboard knob can be anything but basic. Express yourself in shape and finish to suit your feel as you will find every design possible to choose from, from classic to crazy. Depending on the look you go for, knobs lend themselves to virtually any decor and they are also easily changeable for a quick kitchen update.


Alternative materials


Why not break from the ordinary and go for a different material altogether? From leather to marble and a plethora of distinctive shapes, you are sure to find something that really makes your kitchen decor memorable. There are oodles of unique cabinet hardware on the interior market, from cutout shapes to bold patterns and mixed materials, make your mark with a one-of-a-kind combo.


If you need help any design advice for your custom designed kitchen during lockdown please use our Remote Kitchen Design Service to get yourself up and running.


Have a great weekend!


Clinton and Fiona