Kitchen Cabinets

Mar 3, 2023 | Blog

Looking at your kitchen, ask yourself some key questions.  Are you getting the most out of the cabinet? Does your cabinet organisation help minimise time spent in the kitchen? Is your cabinet in a practical spot? Working out the answers to these questions will really help. You can create an organised space, beautiful heart of the home.


The first thing first to do when attempting to organise your kitchen cabinets is to take everything out of the cabinets and conduct an audit of what you already have. You will need to empty them at some point anyway.  Start by throwing away any expired foods. Give your cabinets interiors a real thorough clean, and any food that you have in date. Question whether you really need or use it, and if not, give it away to a worthy organisation like a food bank.
Because kitchens are the hub of the house, they often collect unnecessary clutter so set a purpose for your kitchen, then you can commit to what lives in the space and what does not.

Higher and Lower Cabinets

Keep your food in the higher cabinets. Things like canned goods, snacks, boxed dry food, and cereals can sit in an upper cabinet without going out of date quickly. They typically have unsightly packaging that you might not want on display. Put your high-use ingredients in easy-to-reach places and group them together in categories – one for baking, one for canned goods.  Allocate the space in your lower cabinets for appliances, plates and cookware. A separate space for heavier appliances closer to the ground makes things easier to find when you’re cooking. It also means you don’t have to bend down every time you’re looking for ingredients.

These are simple ways to get you started but will help you in the long run

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Clinton and Fiona