Kitchen Islands vs Kitchen Tables

Aug 26, 2022 | News

The kitchen island has become very popular in the modern custom designed kitchen.  This is because it is a versatile, functional design element of a kitchen that offers more counter space, additional storage options and seating for friends, family and guests. On the flip-side, we have the kitchen table, which can come in any of a variety of shapes, styles, satisfying even the most unique personal tastes.  One of the great things about tables is that they can be easily moved around.  Both options are welcome additions to the heart of the home. But how do you decide whether a kitchen island or a kitchen table is better for you?

Kitchen islands tend to work best in larger spaces but can accommodate a variety of situations and needs.  As an example, you can use a kitchen island to prep food, as a beverage bar or for serving appetisers before moving into to a formal dining room when entertaining guests.  Also, if you are looking for more storage options in your custom kitchen, islands can add cabinets and drawers, and even shelves to display cookbooks, collectibles and other decor.

Kitchen tables afford homeowners a different type of flexibility to islands especially when it comes to floorspace, design and functionality.  Tables provide a comfortable and convenient place for casual dining, and since most tables only require a 36-inch clearance, they really can save room overall.If you are working with a larger room or an open concept, kitchen tables can be used to separate and better define your space.  Separating the food-preparation area from the dining area can even help reduce a bit of mealtime chaos for larger families. Many tables come with an extension leaf, which is a quick and easy to accommodate any size gathering.

Only you can determine whether an island or a table will work best in your kitchen but working with us to review your options, will help you to decide based on your individual lifestyle and needs.
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