Remodel Your Kitchen For The New Year Ahead

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Planning ahead of your kitchen remodel


It’s never too early to start planning for your new kitchen remodel. Therefore, if you’re intending to change the internal configuration or add a new extension, it’s essential that you consider the kitchen as a central element of the project. So often a slight modification to the layout can make significant improvements to the kitchen and the overall flow of the space. In addition, it gives us the opportunity to provide you with an electrical and plumbing plan at an early stage. This prevents any issues and additional costs once the building work has started. As a result, we can fully cost any design – allowing an early input into your overall budget which always helps.

‘The Kitchen is the heart of the house. Therefore, every design decision taken should always take this into consideration. Thinking of the kitchen as an afterthought will always end in a compromised design’ says Fiona and Clinton Patey of The Kitchen Partners.


Think about your requirements


Deciding on the layout of a bespoke kitchen remodel will be one of, if not, the toughest aspects of a home renovation. Not considering everything in the initial planning stages can prove costly, and time-consuming. At The Kitchen Partners Design Studio, we like to get hands on and if you work with us. We like to be there right from the beginning to support the architects and builders with creating a space that’s right for you.

Firstly, establish what you want from the space. Think about important requirements, start gathering concepts from home renovation magazines, bookmarking kitchen remodelling websites and seeking inspiration on Pinterest. The Kitchen Partners are a design-led kitchen remodel studio. So, the look and feel of the kitchen is very high on the list of priorities. However, we will always advise a client if the design moves too far away from being functional. It’s important for us to understand how the kitchen will be used. Is this a family kitchen, a kitchen for entertaining, or for a keen chef or maybe all three?

‘Open plan living continues to grow in popularity because of the social, practical and flexible space it provides’ reveals Harriet and Warren from Modern Eco. The kitchen is the hub of the household and when combined with open living has to meet many, often contrasting needs. The first step towards establishing a versatile kitchen remodel and dining space, is to visit The Kitchen Partners Design Studio. Here we can support you in the progress of your kitchen renovation design.




Don’t forget about the practical things!


As mentioned above, planning ahead is fundamental to ensure practical kitchen design elements are considered. The location of the hob needs to be well thought out as external extraction requires access to an external wall. Although, modern recycling extraction methods are very effective. Visit our showroom to see one of Falmec’s new range of cooker hoods, Circle.Tech. With a revolutionary system integrating extraction and filtering into a single unit. This allows maximum efficiency whilst not compromising on space in the kitchen. Placing Falmec’s cooker hoods at the forefront of air purification technology.

Unlike traditional cooker hoods, Circle.Tech filtering units develop horizontally rather than vertically. The out-flowing air is conveyed through a filtering unit surrounding the motor and evenly distributed. Given its circular shape, the filtering surface reaches the maximum extension, thus achieving excellent performances. In terms of suction capacity, top filtering results and extreme quietness. Indeed, balanced distribution of out-flowing air reduces turbulence and, consequently, the noise produced by the operating hood.

Read more about this product on the Falmec website.


Falmec Circle.Tech – Sophie



Where to position the sink is often a hotly debated topic. Historically, before the widespread use of the dishwasher, they were often placed under the window. Today, where most things go in the dishwasher, this is less relevant and can often find a home in a far more convenient location. Sinks on an island should only be considered as a last resort. Why spoil the centre piece of your beautiful new kitchen with a permanent display of dirty or even clean dishes!


“Visualisation is daydreaming with a purpose.” – Bo Bennett


Visualising your kitchen remodel by seeing 3D designs can really help with the design, establishing any potential problems before they make it to the real life kitchen. We use state-of-the-art 3D rendering software so that the client can see the kitchen from various angles. Its flexibility means that we can easily amend all aspects, showing different combinations of kitchen door, worktop, floor and wall colours.  Not only do we design your kitchen, but we also like to incorporate the whole living space. Therefore, the kitchen can be assessed in conjunction with the dining and possibly seating area if it’s part of an open plan environment.

We also encourage our clients to stand in the space and imagine they are stood in the various zones. This helps to bring the space to life and ensures they are happy all the way through the designing process.


‘Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen.’


Those continuous daydreams of that perfect kitchen may appear evermore distant, but the reality of your dream kitchen renovation is closer than you may think. Here at The Kitchen Partners Design Studio we offer a free, in-home consultation to make your kitchen renovation ideas come true. We will discuss your options and give advice on the most efficient use of your space. With timeless products, your kitchen is certain to be beautiful for generations to come.

Our core value is a clear focus on complete customer satisfaction. We have a keen eye for up-to-the minute design, extensive product knowledge, innovative spatial awareness and a flair for interior design ideas. It is these values and skills that will make your visit to our showroom a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Take a look at some of our recent kitchen remodel projects here.

Come to see us with an open mind – and let us design your perfect kitchen for the new year ahead.