Kitchen Trends 2021

Jan 1, 2021 | Blog

Spending the bulk of 2020 inside the house proved that kitchens are good for much more than just reheating a mid week takeaway: it’s our go-to restaurant, our friendly neighbourhood café, and the perfect backdrop for our bake off Instagrams. Predictions by Interior designers for kitchen trends in 2021 seems they will be just as pretty as they are practical.


1. Efficiency


Space is at an all time premium so zoning effectively is key for simultaneous activities, supporting needs more than wants. Spending more time at home has enabled us to track food consumption and waste more effectively. Large food stores such as massive pantries will be less a need and true consumption will no doubt be a factor in how kitchens are custom designed to really fit a more efficient lifestyle.


2. Open Storage


Kitchen spaces in 2021 will see a trend to more open planned design, with wall shelving and less ‘built in’ looking cabinetry. An eclectic organic feel of mixed textures and materials giving a homely bistro feel whilst overhead pot racks and open storage will allow quick access to accommodate increased cooking frequency.


3. Back to Nature


Now more than ever, we look to our homes to evoke a sense of comfort, and materials play such an important role in giving a space its sense of soul. For 2021, custom designed kitchens will see a greater use of materials found in nature adding warmth and life to a space, whether it’s natural stone or wood


If you’re considering a new custom designed kitchen for 2021, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d love to help!


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