Oct 24, 2018 | Trends




01. The Self-Cleaning Oven


When creating a mouth-watering masterpiece, the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning the oven afterwards. Pyrolytic self-cleaning saves you time and keeps your oven in perfect condition. Freeing up more of your valuable time to spend with family and friends.

Although they have been around for a fairly long time, only within the past five years have they caught the attention of busy and eco-conscious people, finally discovering their numerous benefits.

Pyrolytic oven’s heat up to extreme temperatures of about 500 degrees Celsius. This kills germs and reduces any food splatters present in the oven to a state of powdery ash, that doesn’t require much effort to remove. With this high heat method of cleaning, you won’t need to spray chemical cleaners into your oven.

A Sunday roast is delicious, but it’s also messy. With NEFF’s Pyrolytic cleaning, scrubbing the oven is a thing of the past. All you do is press a button and wait while fatty food deposits are burnt away. Simply wipe away the ash, leaving the oven cavity perfectly clean. You can even choose from three settings, depending on how messy your oven is.


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02. Intelligent Kitchens


Voice-activated products use one of the most natural of all human behaviours, to command, interact, and monitor your devices and your home itself. This makes it one of the most interesting and popular innovations in technology today. As speaking is something almost everyone can do, it requires no learning curve.

With synchronising products, they’ve become advanced enough to turn on lights, lock doors and instantly translate spoken language. Technology is becoming incredibly useful in the kitchen, where taking commands hands-free can be particularly helpful. Send a voice-command to your smart device and it will happily switch on your oven whilst you’re driving home from work. There is nothing worse than arriving at the supermarket and forgetting your shopping list at home. Lucky for you, Samsung’s smart fridge will conveniently take a photograph of the inside of your fridge, (remotely, via voice command from your smart device) reminding you of what needs to be bought!

We love the idea of a smart kitchen hub that connects every one of your other devices in a seamless, central location. Adding voice control elevates this idea to a whole new level.

There is much more kitchen technology on the horizon, we most definitely know that. NEFF’s smart-kitchen technology is one to look out for, that’s all we’re saying for now without giving too much away!


03. Cooking, With Physics


It’s all about electromagnetic cooking, performed with an appliance called an Induction Hob. It’s the future of kitchen tech, but believe it or not, it’s already the present. Pushing aside the gas and electric methods of cooking, which for many years, has been a domestic and commercial staple of any efficient working kitchen.

In contrast to ordinary electric hobs, which utilise radiant heat for heating your food, induction hobs heat via means of an electromagnetic field. The modern induction hob can achieve a wide range of temperatures, and they take far less time to boil than their electric or gas counterparts, which is one of its main advantages. However, just make sure you look out for the induction ready symbol on any new cookware you buy.

Induction is faster, safer, easier, and far more efficient than either gas or electric. We thoroughly recommend making your domestic cooking life easier with an induction hob.


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04. Innovative Water

Think about the number of times a day that you need boiling water. How much time you spend waiting for the kettle to boil. And now imagine you could save time, energy and space in the kitchen – all in one go.

The reality is a beautiful and reliable system that delivers kettle hot water straight from the tap – safely and instantly. Once you discover all the advantages of this remarkable helpmate in the kitchen, you’ll never look back.

Delivering water that’s hot enough for making tea, or cooking with straight from the tap, saves a huge amount of time waiting for the kettle or saucepan to boil. They are also far more energy efficient that the average kettle, as there is no wasted water boiled, only what is required.

We work with a variety of suppliers, such as Quooker, Zip and Blanco, who provide us with a range of tap fittings to integrate into your kitchen design. They provide various types of filtered water, including chilled, kettle-hot or sparkling. Delivering perfect tasting water, free of the smallest particles and impurities. Only minerals in the water that are beneficial to health are left behind in the water.

Forget buying plastic bottles of water, your modern household has just increased its sustainability. Did you know it takes an astonishing seven litres of water just to produce a single litre of bottled water? Not to mention the carbon emissions.

Come and visit our showroom on Whiteladies Road, Bristol, where you can taste the filtered water for yourself, or if you’d prefer, let us brew you a tea from the same tap!


05. The Art of Extraction


A cooker hood is a long-term investment for your kitchen. It needs to look good, as well as do it’s job efficiently. Some cooker hoods can be ineffective while making a lot of noise. The best will work quickly and quietly, eliminating moisture and odours, and stopping grease from settling on your kitchen surfaces.

Miele’s Con@ctivity 2.0 gathers information from the hob and transmits it to the controls in the cooker hood. Without even lifting a finger towards your hood, you can enjoy the optimum kitchen environment. Your hob wirelessly activates and adjusts the cooker hood fan speed automatically, based on what you’re cooking. Steam and vapour disappear as quickly as it appears, leaving you with a beautifully fresh kitchen to cook and relax in.

The focus on time-conscious and functional design, aren’t the only elements of technology being pushed forward at the moment. A ground-breaking and incredibly innovative feature, not to be overlooked is the essential air quality in your space and creation of kitchen well-being.

Falmec has developed a unique technology, with considerable health benefits to both our physical, and psychological well-being. It’s called E.ion System, the only range of cooker hoods on the market that sanitises and purifies the air. They effectively neutralise odours, irritants and pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, mites, pollens, spores, dust, noxious fumes or exhaust gases. This technology essentially creates a positive effect on the mind and body, resulting in improved mood and concentration.


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