Quick and Easy Kitchen Update Ideas

Jan 29, 2021 | Blog

As we spend more of our time in the Kitchen than anywhere else in the house, especially in these lockdown times, this space tends to get a whole lot of use from cooking, working to socialising. If you’re feeling the need for a revamp, whether it’s moving furniture around, giving it a deep clean, adding new pieces that brighten the room, or simply giving it a fresh coat of paint updating your space can instantly boost the appeal of the room and make it feel brand new. Here are a few stress-free kitchen updates for 2021 that will immediately give you a fresh vibe.




Though the kitchen might not be the first place you might think of hanging artwork, the space itself can make excellent use of art. Art is one of those elements that not only add character and charm but it allows you to make a statement without having to take away from the room overall. Take full advantage of large plain walls by creating your very own gallery. Bring in chic images that add colour and texture to the room which add personality and creative flair.




If there is one thing that will make the room come to life its lighting. Lighting works by making any awkward spot appear brighter even if the space is quite small. Changing up lighting can immediately change the look of the space. A single oversized pendant, some quirky fixtures and the addition of countertop table lamps can add variety and change the mood of a space with defused lighting for different activities. It’s all about making the room have a chic appeal whilst still being practical and bright.


Modular Furniture


When your revamp calls for additional space is additional space, consider the idea of bringing in a furniture-like island and having it become a versatile piece of furniture. It doesn’t have to look practical the key is making it functional enough that you can use it for multiple different reasons, whether that is eating, or storing food.




Completely changing your hardware could be just what your kitchen needs for a new twist. There is something about changing handles that will instantly make a room come to life. Whether you use bespoke unique contemporary designs, or you go for a more traditional vibe you want your new hardware to lift the rest of the room.


Open Shelving


Open shelving works well in any space that needs something extra. Additionally, it works well when you want to keep the space as open as possible while embracing what the rest of the room has to offer. Consider displaying your finest china and keeping the space chic and minimal.



Have a great weekend


Clinton and Fiona