Seasonal Change

Nov 25, 2022 | Blog

This time of year brings a natural change in light to our days so, if you’re considering a custom designed kitchen, updating your kitchen cabinetry or just thinking of a change, now may be the perfect.


If you’re looking for a big change and want to brighten up your kitchen, incorporating vibrant paint is one of the leading trends this year. Choosing a bright yellow, zesty orange or inky blue instantly brings excitement to a room. Neutral appliances will balance out the bright impact of the cabinetry whilst incorporating accessories such as rugs, lighting and vessels will help absorb and enhance the bright elements in the scheme.


Natural, muted colours are another big trend in the world of interiors. They offer a neutral base to show off the brightness of white countertops with a hint of colour. Pastel mint greens, sky blues and the palest of sands is gentle enough to bring a little colour to a bland space. The softness of these colour schemes means that it can blend easily into other rooms giving a cohesive look to your home.


If you’re after a sleek contemporary look, a monochrome colour scheme will achieve it effortlessly. A combination of two colours is a classic for good reason, black and white offers a sophisticated feel and depending on the ratio of colour can open up a small room and make a dark space feel lighter. Because the focus is on two dominant colours, the combination options are endless. Try black bottom cabinetry with black countertops and white top units for a minimalist grounded feel or go a little more adventurous and choose a mix of black and white at different levels to break up the scheme.

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