Should you store mugs and glasses with their rims up or down?

Aug 14, 2020 | Blog

It seems that there is in fact no right or wrong answer to the question of organisation of glassware, its simply a matter of what works for you. Here at the Kitchen Partners we’ve put together some handy tips to help you decide if up or down is your glassware storage preference and maybe storage solutions you might want to incorporate when planning your custom designed kitchen.


Storing glassware, including mugs, rim up or down depends on your storage setup and the delicacy of the rims. Dust can collect in your glassware, even in cabinets, which is not something you want to have to worry about every time you pull one out. With this in mind, you can store sturdier types of cups with their rims down. This is an especially good option if you don’t take them out every day. However, Storing your glassware rim up helps protect the most fragile part of a glass, where chips or cracks are likely to originate


The most vulnerable part of a piece of glassware is usually the rim. For example very thin glassware such as Champagne flutes or delicate wine glasses, are typically safer stored right-side up. Of course, you are less likely to be using these pieces as often, which means they may be more likely to accumulate debris between uses. One of the best ways to store glassware is with a wine glass hanging rack. Glass storage racks are designed so the stem of the glass (any stemmed glassware) can be inserted between metal prongs so the bowl is facing downwards. Different racks allow you store different glass capacities and they range in width, height and depth. They can be used in the kitchen or dining at home.


Consider storing frequently used glassware in a cabinet or on a shelf that is conveniently located next to the sink or dishwasher, It also makes putting away dishes so much easier!


If you are short on room and long on glassware, stacking can be an option for certain styles. While Champagne flutes cannot be stacked, other glasses, especially thicker, heavier types, definitely can be.

Up, down, or stacked, however you decide to store your glassware is just fine, so long as it is the right solution for you and your kitchen!

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Clinton and Fiona