Steps For Planning Your Kitchen Extension – Part 1

May 13, 2022 | News

As bespoke kitchen designs are our speciality, over the years we have modified our approach, conducted the best research and partnered with the best manufacturers in Europe, in order to ensure that we can not only provide custom designed kitchens for now, but also have an eye on the future. Over the course of the weeks ahead, we are going to give you some ideas on how to plan and design your kitchen for the future, with a focus on extensions.

Before planning an extension, some thoughts you may want to consider are things like do you want your extension to include a kitchen and what about a dining area, living space, room for a desk or storage and access to the garden? We can see in previous and current developments that more people are focusing on renovating their kitchens to be more of a social space to accommodate when friends and family visit. Kitchens need to be multifunctional, open plan and versatile enough to meet the needs of every homeowner. A good source we suggest looking at when looking for tips and ideas that you may want to include in your development is Houzz, where you not only can look at details people have included in their designs, what developments have happened in local area but you can also find local architects and view their portfolio.

Step 1 for planning your kitchen extension is planning permission
One of the first things you might need to do is ask for planning permission is to speak to your council. It may be that the work you intend to do is covered under permitted development and you don’t need planning permission at all, however this could be a cost you need to factor in. Its always good to check and go through with an architect the different possibility’s and ways you can extend your property.

Planning permission largely depends on where in the UK you are, as well as whether the area has been previously developed on. If you do need planning permission, look to see what work has been done close by can indicate as to whether your plans will be approved. Your council will also be able to guide you on this.

Your dream kitchen extension is closer than you think. From deciding on a build and pinning down a design, to drawing up a budget and working out a schedule, we’ve got everything you need to get started. If you are in the early stages of your renovation project and you haven’t yet connected with an architect, then one of our designers will be happy to visit your property and suggest some ideas for how to extend your current property. Any extra time you may have now could be a perfect opportunity to start work on planning your dream kitchen, it’s never too early to engage with a kitchen designer as this can help define the space and make sure you’ve got everything covered before you start.

Have an excellent weekend and we will be back next week with ideas of what to do next and how.

Clinton and Fiona