The Distinction is in the details

Mar 22, 2021 | Blog

If you’re thinking about making kitchen improvements, or contemplating a custom designed kitchen, a check list will likely include kitchen cabinets, flooring, appliances and countertops. However, before you get too far down the path in planning, pause to also consider how to make your kitchen distinctly yours. There are lots of ways to incorporate your unique lifestyle and design into your kitchen making it bespoke to you.


Display Cabinetry


If you have favourite vessels, dishes and glassware that you’ve lovingly collected over the years Instead of hiding everything behind solid cabinet fronts, try including glass cabinet doors to display your items and decor. Glass kitchen cabinets on top paired with solid lower cabinet doors creates a beautiful contrast that can be achieved using a range of door styles. You can even use two-tone cabinets for additional distinction and to break up a monochromatic feel that just may not be your style.


Open Shelving


Open shelves above countertops and prep spaces have benefits that go beyond great looks. Glassware and dishes used-daily can be quick to reach and accessible. This open choice of design is a key trend at the moment as kitchens are becoming more of a social space than ever before. They can also be used to display art, lighting, photographs, cookbooks and sculptures. You can keep the style simple and streamlined, or get creative with different finishes including high gloss, industrial or maybe a unique colour to make your new kitchen really feel like yours.


Drinks Storage


Drinks storage may be something you’d like to consider in a custom designed kitchen for dinner parties and family gatherings alike. Consider leaving a little space between drawers as a deliberate part of your kitchen layout, allowing room to build custom wine racks and shelving. Kitchen Islands are another great option for displaying and storing drinks as you can incorporate storage into the design, making use of very last inch. If you don’t like your kitchen’s sight lines interrupted by wine storage, consider concealed and integrated solutions like temperature controlled wine cabinets which can be designed as big or small as you want.


The littlest detail can be among the most impactful aspects of your kitchen, so allowing yourself time in the planning stage is essential to ensure will ensure that you get your perfect kitchen bespoke to you. If you would like to talk to us about any aspects of your kitchen design, please get in touch via our website.


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