The Kitchen Homework Space

Jun 4, 2021 | Blog

Although the pandemic is something that we are all keen to consign to the past, home working and in particular homeschooling was something that became a part of everyday life.  I am sure that for most this started out as quite a novel idea, reconnecting with our children, but as time went on, the structure and patience required allowed a new level appreciation for what teachers do, and just what it takes.  Having said that, doing homework with children in the kitchen space isn’t really anything new, but there are things that can be done to strike the balance between full on homeschooling and staying on top of things in a positive way.


Rather than wondering what kids are up to all the time, we recommend creating a kitchen space where the adults who do most of the prep can also keep an eye (and ear) on home-working children.  This allows for helpful input or answering frequent questions without leaving the room.  Most teachers agree that homework is done best when completed as soon as possible after school – reinforcing newly learned ideas. Setting a consistent homework time that works for your family, makes doing homework an unarguable ritual.


Home offices are a growing trend in kitchen design.  These efficiently designed corners or niches allow you to include drawers for office supplies, gadget charging stations, a spot for your desktop and/or laptop computer, etc.  We love this because if it is used for homework, it keeps you in-the-loop of what your kids are doing online whilst giving you a convenient place to check off “to-do” list items such as paying bills, catching up on emails.  It will help to show your kids that adults have homework, too!  If kids finish up their homework while you’re still making dinner, they could easily join you too.


If you have any questions or need help with a custom design, please get in touch.


Have a great weekend


Clinton and Fiona