Things to Consider When Building A Kitchen Extension -Part 2

Apr 24, 2020 | Blog

Time is a resource we never get back…right?
Even though we may have more now than we normally do, it is still sensible and good practice to manage it wisely.

Organising any project – let alone a kitchen extension –  is time consuming and because the tendency can be to ‘carry on regardless’, panic can start to set in if it begins to drag on, looks like it could get in the way of something else, or where there is an absolute deadline to be considered. This can result in running around like a headless chicken and potentially spending too much on things you don’t want or have time for.

You can maximise your productivity within a specific time period if you take the initiative to organise the project in hand, give it a practical timeline, and allow for margins of error.  No-one wants a project to go on forever, the idea is to create something beautiful to enjoy in the foreseeable future and improve daily living.

So, following on in our series about things to consider when building a custom designed kitchen extension…

Planning a realistic kitchen extension timeline can help visualise the project and make sure every aspect of it is being taken care of, so as to avoid any inconvenience further down the line.

Timings largely depend on the type and size of the project you are working on, but on average, building a kitchen extension could take between three and five months.

Maybe you could start by planning backwards, so you are not in danger of eating your Christmas dinner on plastic garden furniture! It is very typical that your builder will need accurate kitchen plans with all the electrical and plumbing locations within three to four weeks of the project start date, so you’ll really need to have your finalised kitchen design ready before that. Factoring in the typical build time for a quality German kitchen of eight to ten weeks, followed by a comprehensive and precise kitchen installation lasting at least two to three weeks, means there is no time to waste in thinking about the kitchen itself.

Do not forget to leave yourself a little wiggle room (just in case) but keep time in the forefront of your mind and watch your spectacular new living space come together.

A little more time spent in the time planning will positively impact the process and the end product of your investment. We are kitchen design, planning and installation professionals, so planning is in our blood! We live and breathe it and always welcome any questions or enquiries where we might be able to help.

Have a fantastic weekend and we will be back next week with Part 3 and more kitchen extension tips.

Clinton and Fiona