Things To Consider When Building A Kitchen Extension. -Part 3

May 1, 2020 | Blog

Having spent much more time at home recently, you may have had the opportunity to consider what your likely needs and requirements would be if you were to have a custom designed kitchen extension.

We are all spending more time at base camp, doing all kinds of things we don’t usually associate with the home, but if you give yourself a bit of clear head space, it can be an opportunity to pause and think about your specific kitchen design needs in a logical and pragmatic way. 

So far, we have touched on the possibility of needing planning permission and the necessity of a clear working timeline to keep everything on track.

The next step is to:


If you are starting with a blank canvas, it is important to set priorities in terms of the layout and zoning, in order to achieve your dream kitchen. Most people are aware of the ergonomics needed in a kitchen working area – a working triangle formed by sink, hob and fridge – is a popular solution.

However, it is also important to consider including a prep area – to make the space even more functional – this crucial point is often overlooked until after you have begun living and working in the space. Top tip – for this you do not need a huge amount of space, or a large worktop – just a single ‘clear zone’ for prepping.

Do not forget that the kitchen will also have people travelling through it for all kinds of reasons, not just to use as a cooking area. To look after everyone’s needs, ensure you have enough room to work (within easy distance of all appliances)  and that there’s room for other people to be around, but not in the way (as this would really ruin the overall kitchen / lifestyle ambiance).


The kitchen is often the heart of the home, it is where we sit down with other members of the family, it is where we hang out, it’s where everyday life happens. And this was just in ‘normal times’!

How has it changed?
Are there things you need from your kitchen now that you did not before?

Has it become a home-schooling space?

Is it the venue for virtual work meetings and catch-ups with friends and family?

Will this experience change your future lifestyle habits?

And if so, what do you now really want to create?

A real positive from our recent dramatic shift in lifestyle, is to see it as an opportunity to plan something that is more than a traditional kitchen, more than a practical space and more than your pre lock down self could have imagined.

We have a flair for interior design ideas and innovative spatial solutions. Over the past 15 years we have helped design and create many many beautiful kitchens and if you are currently looking for a spot of motivation or inspiration, you know you can call us for a chat!

Have a great weekend and see you soon

Clinton and Fiona