Things To Consider When Building A Kitchen Extension. -Part 4

May 8, 2020 | Blog

Size Matters

Yes, it is a cheeky phrase – but not always true. We tend to think that when it comes to designing a kitchen extension, success has less to do with the size of the space available and more to do with the planning, as stunning kitchens can most certainly be designed for smaller spaces.

So, let’s start with the practicalities…

The type of extension you choose is going to be dictated by the size and the shape of your outdoor space. A large open plan kitchen is great, but one which utilizes the space in the smartest way is even better. Choosing to make your extension and kitchen as large as possible is not necessarily always the wisest move, as when you are paying per square metre, it could mean that you end up paying for unnecessary space.

Before deciding on the size of your extension, think very carefully about the purpose it is going serve and exactly what you want to go in it. Then work backwards from there.

Now this is an area we love to work in! As experienced kitchen designers, we have developed a finely tuned planning process, which we have refined over the years and we know will certainly help you.

Having spent time discussing your precise requirements, we then put together a fully priced and detailed kitchen design. This presentation includes high quality, 3D rendered images; as a result, you get to see exactly how your new kitchen extension will look from all angles.

We then work on further refinements with you to ensure your brand-new design is just the way you want it and the final result is a kitchen as beautiful – if not more – than you originally dreamed of.

Current times and the different ways in which we are all living at the moment has called for some lateral thinking. As a result, we have developed an exclusive free ‘Remote Full Kitchen Design Service’ for all our clients. For more information please email or call us as we would be delighted to hear from you and talk you through the process.

In the meantime, have a lovely bank holiday weekend, enjoy our very special VE Day, and we’ll look forward to catching up again next week.

Clinton and Fiona