What about Kitchen Lighting

Jul 2, 2021 | Blog

Lighting shouldn’t be an afterthought when it comes to custom designing your kitchen.
Among other things, certain lighting options need to be accounted for before you install your cabinets, also, like other aspects of kitchen design—you should personalise your lighting plan to fit in with your kitchen workflow and your life schedule flows.

Believe it or not, lighting comes in levels or layers:

Upper-level lighting – illuminates from the top-down and is usually provided via recessed can lights.
Mid-level lighting – These fixtures provide both task light and/or ambient glow – and can consist of chandeliers and other suspended fixtures, as well as under cabinet or interior cabinet lighting.
Lower-level lighting – Lighting at this level is a wonderful night and early-morning source of illumination, and can also illuminate an island or other areas that might otherwise be a source for stubbed toes or bumped hips in the dark.

Once you’ve determined the levels of light that are required for your kitchen, we ask clients to consider lighting in terms of these categories.

Daylighting. Often overlooked, the right amount (and proper placement) of windows, skylights and solar tubes provide natural light that keeps a kitchen looking bright and cheerful—and without much need for energy-consumptive lighting during daytime hours.


Task lighting. Brighter and specifically directed towards kitchen workspaces, task lighting allows you to see what you’re doing in the kitchen, keeping things safe and injury free.

Ambient lighting. Ambient lighting fixtures are flexible. For example, a chandelier or suspended fixture might add ambience, or it can provide a softer and warmer glow, shifting a busy kitchen into a more relaxed space.

Accent lighting. These lights do emanate a glow but are mainly selected for the way they look, often adding a splash of colour or a fun design pop.

Plan your lighting needs from the very start of your remodel project, and you’ll get to enjoy expertly installed, reliable lighting fixtures that provide exactly the quality of light for every situation.

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