What’s It Going To Cost?

Aug 20, 2021 | Blog

Options, options, options are the words that come to mind when it comes to getting a custom designed kitchen.  With everything on show from the finest granite worktops to the latest electrical gadgets, if you don’t have a defined budget ceiling, you could go off-piste pretty quickly.

Irrespective of price, there are some spending and saving principles that will never go out of fashion, so here are a few things we would recommend:

1.Aim for the best worktops you can afford, as they are one of the most hardworking elements of any kitchen. Quartz, composite and solid surfaces are all good investments as they are tough, durable and will give your kitchen a luxurious finish.

2..Make sure that your cabinets are of good quality.  A good quality carcass is important as although it is hidden behind the doors, it is essential to longevity and durability of the cabinet.  Choose carcasses with a high density fibreboard.

3. It is possible to create the same look with laminates, lacquer doors and wood effect laminates, to help save on the cost of doors as not everyone can afford rich wood veneers.  It is quite possible that you can recreate certain looks, as long as it doesn’t compromise the quality of the end result.

4. Spend wisely on appliances!Buying the best oven and hob you can afford is wise, but you can consider less expensive models/brands for other aspects of your kitchen if your budget is under strain.  We always say make sure you spend on the things that matter – you can always add luxury small appliances and accessories in years to come.

Next week we are going to look at ‘what lies beneath’.

In all our years of creating custom kitchens for our clients, we have come across many scenarios that may not have been bargained for, and once the old kitchen is ripped out, you never know what might lie beneath.

Remember, plan for the unexpected!

Have a great weekend.

Clinton and Fiona