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Sep 10, 2021 | Blog

One of the joys of our job is that we have the skillset and access to resources to be able to take your project from inception to completion.  Not being tied to specific suppliers enables us to have loyalty to our customers when it comes to making recommendations

One area that this benefits our customers greatly is in the area of installation.

So, imagine this, the custom kitchen design is finalised, you have chosen your kitchen layout and style, and you have paid your deposit, well what happens next? You are going to need a team to install it.  The way your kitchen is installed can make all the difference. A bad fitter can make any kitchen look terrible, but a good one will ensure even inexpensive units look amazing.

Let’s just say you were taking this project on by yourself.  It may be that you are only looking for simple refresh, so you’ll only have the kitchen supplier and fitter to coordinate.  However, if it is a bigger project, then there might be builders, electricians and plumbers to consider too.  At this stage it maybe mission critical to get some form of project manager in hand, whether that’s yourself, your kitchen company or an architect as everyone needs to be clear about what needs to be done when, as delays and mistakes in kitchen planning can be costly.

Often your budget will dictate how much project management is needed.  If you are buying off the shelf from a DIY store you will have to employ and

co-ordinate a variety of craftsmen including builders, plumbers and electricians.  A number of mid-price kitchen companies provide fitting services, but often you will have to get them to liaise with other trades for work outside their fitting remit.  Always check with your kitchen company at the start about which services they can and can’t provide.

Even many bespoke companies will not undertake first-fit electrics or plumbing so you will have to co-ordinate these elements yourself. Some of the high-end

bespoke companies do offer ‘turn-key’ services, where they will co-ordinate all building plumbing and electrical work.

There are so many things to consider when planning a kitchen, and it is possible to forget to ask some very basic questions. As professionals we are here to advise you at every step.

Have a great weekend

Clinton and Fiona