Your Kitchen Island

Mar 18, 2022 | Blog

A kitchen island serves both an aesthetic and practical function, as it can be the centre of attention and a true focal point of any home.

To start off, a kitchen island is about maximising space, and in the tightest of kitchen spaces or the slimmest of galley kitchen layouts, a kitchen island isn’t the most obvious option.  Having said that, many people are surprised  to find out that a kitchen island can usually be accommodated in most spaces.  Some people think that an island sucks space from a kitchen, however, what you lose in terms of floor space is easily compensated in other ways as you gain work space, storage space, an eating area – and potentially a sink and appliance space too.

Far from costing you space, a kitchen island can literally create and save space. It’s actually a smart move if you have limited workspace or lack of space in general, to start with. Not only that, there are plenty of other design tips and tricks to make a small kitchen look more spacious.

Kitchen islands work in a practical sense and have bags of visual appeal too. You can keep an eye on the kids doing their homework as you are cooking and a kitchen island draws people in and creates a communal feel.

Functional and Practical
The principles of good design are such that you don’t want to overdo things by creating too many focal points.  By this we mean that you don’t want too many items occupying a space, because then they are all competing for attention, which will create a confusing mishmash.

Focus on one or two aspects instead. So, your kitchen island becomes a focal point because of bold colours, accents and contrasts, or it becomes the centrepiece of the room because it is a such a hive of activity.  Kitchen islands can include a sink or a range on the top. Designs can incorporate a fridge or dishwasher underneath, and storage solutions all around.

Essentially, a kitchen island becomes the centre of activity because there’s no need to leave it – everything’s going on here!  It can be as functional and practical as you want it to be.  Plenty of plug sockets mean the kids’ phones can be charging and in view and your guests can chat with you as you cook.

Even though the practical functions and storage solutions an island offers may be at the top of your list, remember that this doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on what it looks like.

Have a great weekend

Clinton and Fiona