2023 Trends Part 6 – Light and Shade

Feb 10, 2023 | Blog

Lighting is essential to the mood of your kitchen, and textures add depth to the feel of any custom design, so this is where we are going this week.

The kitchen is no longer seen as a setting for mere spotlights and task lighting, increasingly we’re seeing statement chandeliers and pendants adding stylish finishing touches to a kitchen in the same way as they would in a living room or dining room.  We have noticed that our customers are increasingly considering lighting as a part of their overall kitchen design.

Statement pieces such as chandeliers or pendant lighting fixtures, offer a brilliant way to bring your personality and style into a space in a unique way. With the rise in open plan living, lighting also offers an effective way to break up different zones of the home as the lighting changes between different areas.  Adding statement lighting is also a great way to make a home feel more expensive on a budget.

Textures have always been key in design but right now, tactile surfaces and materials are dominating our homes as we crave a sense of comfort.  In combination with lighting, the right use of texture can create the most spectacular kitchens and living spaces

Have a great weekend

Clinton and Fiona