5 Feel – Good Practices to Boost Your Day

Feb 5, 2021 | Blog

We’re a month into the New Year and for some of us the good intentions of eliminating junk food, alcohol and running a marathon are waning fast. So, to keep you on track for better sustainable habits to optimise your day, we’ve put together 5 simple adjustments you can make rather than restrictions around things you already do and enjoy.

1. Your Favourite Tipple

If you’ve successfully navigated ‘Dry January’, you might want to incorporate cocktail hour back into your routine. Instead of defaulting straight back to your favourite sugary tipple, why not try a flavoursome alternative. There are loads of new brews on the market that are refreshing, sugar free and some are even full of live probiotics that tick all the right boxes.

2. Me Time

Trying to add moments of clam and zen to a busy day can be hard to manage, why not invest in a bathroom speaker to listen to relaxing music or meditation during your morning shower.

3. Scroll Happy

It’s pretty much impossible to avoid digital devices in our day, so instead of fighting it, why not change up what you’re viewing instead to include mind stimulating apps such as crossword puzzles and meditational products for well-being and mental health

4. Walk It Out

A short walk is a great way to break up the day and get your steps in if you’re working from home. Try adding some light wrist or ankle weights to up the ante.

5. More Than 5 A Day

Why limit your fruit and veggie intake to 5 a day? Getting in extra nutrients into your diet can make a big impact, try packing more of them into every meal. Add cauliflower rice to your oats in your morning porridge, an extra helping of veggies to your wraps and sandwiches and up your fruit intake by adding berries, apples, oranges and plums to salads.


Have a great weekend

Clinton and Fiona