5 Kitchen Gift Ideas for the chef in the family

Dec 11, 2020 | Blog

These clever gift ideas, which are perfect for novice bakers, serious foodies, grill masters, and seasoned pros, include the latest and greatest in kitchen gadgets and appliances, along with decorative accessories to add colour and style to their happy place. Even if they claim that they already have every gadget and gizmo loved by top chefs, we bet you’ll find something that they haven’t seen, or even heard about yet.


1. OXO Good Grips meat-shredding claws


Cool barbecue gadget – These mini bear claws are perfect for pulling apart barbecued pork or shredding chicken, particularly if the meat is still hot inside – they also keep the juices off your hands.


2. üutensil Super Smash large rotation grind mortar & pestle


Great value and smart design – The pestle of this set fits snugly into the mortar meaning rather than pounding spices and cloves of garlic, you simply use your palm to grind them down. The pestle also has grooves underneath to help it capture spices.


3. ElectriQ 1800W multifunctional blender, smoothie, and soup maker


Clever multifunction soup maker – Do-it-all bits of kit are particularly useful space-savers in the kitchen. Not only will this blitz fruit and veg into delicious soups and smoothies, but you can also heat at the same time.


4. Cuisinart Iced dessert maker


Great value ice cream maker – pop this in the freezer the night before and the next day, it will produce deliciously light ice cream. The machine is easy to assemble and works away quietly in the background. It also comes with a five-year guarantee.


5. Philips cold-press masticating juicer


Impressive cold press juicer – The Philips is a button activated juicer that makes light work of pressing tough fruit and vegetables. Achieve a full glass of smooth, froth-free juice in one minute, caught from a capped tap, which makes for a mainly mess-free process. Unlike many juicers, there are no blades so it’s simple to clean.


Have a great weekend

Clinton and Fiona