Big ideas for small kitchens.

Aug 5, 2022 | News

We all love the glossy magazine shot spacious, light-filled, as big as the whole of the downstairs of our home, kitchen as much as the next person, but as they may not be the reality for most, we have cooked up a few ways to help you create your dream custom designed kitchen space with these big ideas for small kitchens.

Savvy Storage
As with all small rooms, good storage that works hard is key, the last thing you want in a teeny kitchen is clutter. Opting for a mix of open and closed storage is a fab idea for small kitchens, open shelving and glass cabinets double up as decoration and storage if you fill them with jars, crockery and your best kitchenware. Use the cupboards for the less aesthetically pleasing stuff and invest in under shelf baskets and cupboard organisers to make even more of your space.

Bold Colour
We know that we always say that in small spaces you should keep everything white and bright and light, but sometimes contrasting colours can have a similar space-enhancing effect. So if you are feeling bold, choosing a vivid colour for your space can be a good idea for smaller kitchens. Shadow can be your friend, especially in a small space. Painting a room a dark colour camouflages the fact that it’s small. A deep blue like Teal or purple for example creates the perception of depth.

Surface Space
Think you didn’t have room for an Island in your small kitchen? Think again, most homes in the UK might not be roomy enough for a massive island, but if you love that flexible, freestanding look that an island brings to a space, you can always create a similar effect with a butcher’s block. They are much more compact than an island but can still give you extra surface space and extra storage.

Pendant Lighting
Pendant lighting can be an effective way of detracting from a kitchen’s small size while adding a stylish and sophisticated feel to a space. This task lighting is not only practical for when you’re prepping dinner and the likes, but its also makes a bold statement. Try a long oversized pendant hanging from the ceiling. It will draw the eye up and down, emphasising the room’s height rather than its small floor space.

Open Shelving
While floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets are a great option for maximising storage, in excess they can make small kitchens feel boxy. Breaking up a space with open shelving is a great solution and can make an eye catching design feature if styled with pretty crockery and glassware.

If you need advice designing your kitchen, whether big or small, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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