Does The Perfect Kitchen Exist?

May 6, 2022 | News

At The Kitchen Partners, we believe that the perfect kitchen is all about the perfect blend of design and functionality. From installing appliances in handy places, to designing a bespoke kitchen island to best suit you, there are always ways that we will be able to  optimize your kitchen to suit the way you want to use it.

Ways to build your perfect kitchen:
Using design principles like “the work triangle” allows us to create truly bespoke kitchens that perfectly suit your needs. We pair this with the aesthetics you want for your kitchen, making sure the look of the space isn’t compromised in any way.

The consultation is where the process starts, since we need to understand the space that we’re working with. During the consultation, our designers will examine and measure your kitchen space, take pictures of the views from windows and glass doors to will make sure that as much detail in the room is included in your design to make visuals as realistic as possible. Our designers are able to create your new kitchen using advanced digital modelling software.

Once the design is completed, your designer will arrange a meeting at our showroom on Whiteladies road to go through what notes they took away from their site visit for what it is you need in your new kitchen, they will then present their proposed design and provide you with a full quote. Our software enables us to create 3D rendered images of your new kitchen, so you get a real understanding of the space and a true feel as to what your new kitchen could look like. During these meetings we always ask for full honesty on your opinion to make sure every last detail we include in your design is something you are happy with. This also gives you an opportunity to amend anything that you might want to change.

The beauty of designing a kitchen with digital modelling software is that we can test and change things at a click of a button. Rather than having to amend details physically, we can test and amend the plan until it is perfect.

Last week we talked to you about the importance of visiting us and today we are encouraging you to get involved in the journey of getting the perfect kitchen which is as much about the journey as the destination

Have a great weekend

Clinton and Fiona