Sep 18, 2020 | Blog

Any organised space makes life so much more efficient and pleasant to work in, even more so in the kitchen, where the latest furniture solutions can create a seamless, uncluttered finish no matter how busy the space may become.


We’ve come up with ten tips and tricks you might want to consider when designing your customised kitchen to help keep the most used area in your home orderly and functional whilst remaining stylish.

  1. If you’ve been enjoying a caffeine fix at home since lockdown, invest in a coffee machine for barista-style coffee. Think about creating a dedicated coffee station that can be hidden behind cupboard doors when not in use and keep everything in one place for an uncluttered finish. Coffee bar ideas help you streamline your morning routine and are great accent pieces in homes of all styles, including farmhouse andmodern Interiors.


  1. Whether you are a keen chef or a novice cook, drawer organisation is essential in giving you quick access to all the essential tools, from rolling pins and serving spoons to carving knifes.


  1. Instead of stacking your ceramic baking dishes on top of one another, give them each a designated spot to rest. Space out a set of customisable drawer dividers in plastic or wood for easy reach.


  1. Once you know your drawer’s measurements, install built-in storage blocks to keep knives from knocking around, so they can stay sharp without putting your hands in harm’s way. A quick-to-assemble peg system allows you to move your plates from high-up cabinets to deep, down-low drawers, making it easier to pull outand put away.


  1. Free up counter space by moving potatoes, onions, and other unrefrigerated fruits and veggies from a produce bowl to a few plastic storage bins packed into a deep drawer.


  1. The Tupperware cabinetis thehardest part of a kitchen to keep orderly. But that’s where a genius drawer organiser comes in, it has a spot for every last one of your food storage containers and their matching lids!


  1. Keep unsightly, but frequently used, cans, bottles and other staples within reach with a sleek pull-out pantry setup. Full length pantry-style larders help keep smaller items organised and within easy reach. Think about incorporating these with sliding doors to hide things away with ease. They can be forgotten about when not in use, which is perfect in a kitchen that turns into a social space for entertaining in the evenings.


  1. Serving trays, baking sheets, and other large tins can be a pain to store in often-unaccommodating cabinets. Swap your usual stack of pans for a tray-friendly drawer to keep them upright and easy to locate.


  1. If you’ve ever tried to pull a pan out of a big, heavy pile just to be met with acookwareavalanche, you’re not alone. Avoid the crashing and clattering with a pull-out organiser, where you can hang heavy pots and pans on adjustable hooks.


  1. Open shelving offers plentiful storage to show off your best barware and personal touches. But not only that, it works as a great room divider, helping to add definition and create zoning to a large, open-plan kitchen/living space.

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Clinton and Fiona