Indoor / Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Apr 2, 2021 | Blog

With the end of lockdown in sight and having outdoor entertaining back on the menu, you might want to consider how to make your kitchen more indoor / outdoor friendly. Having an outdoor kitchen is a game changer, it essentially gives you an entirely new room to entertain guests in and allows you to cook in a whole new way. But finding the space and funds to fit a luxury item like an outdoor kitchen can be challenging to say the least. Enter the indoor/outdoor hybrid kitchen, from retractable windows to fully sliding walls, there are several ways of converting your indoor kitchen into a space you can use outdoors too.

Hatch Style


Kitchens with patio-facing windows provide an easy option for enlarging window sizes and installing a bi-fold system that enables the window to open fully converting the kitchen into an extension of the outdoors. Adding a small bar beneath the windowsill with comfy bar stools allows guests to chill outside while engaging with the cooks inside the kitchen, giving everyone a sense of space and inside/outside living. The bar can also double as a serving space for buffet-style meals making it a useful all day dining facility.

Outdoor units


Install a long run of lower cabinets spanning from inside to outside, dividing the space with a full glass retractable door. The effect will make the space look like a single room, yet one half of the space is completely outdoors. This is a particularly good option if you live in the city with limited garden space. You don’t need to have acers of lawn to get the outdoor kitchen look, work with what you have, and use the cabinets to draw the eye outside.


Glass Wall


If you’re working with a bigger budget, full height Bi-fold doors can essentially make entire walls disappear, creating uninterrupted flow between the kitchen and outdoor space. If you’re cooking, you can open up these doors to get the feeling of cooking outside and make the transition between the two spaces feel seamless. Opting for a pivoting door will also work well to make your wall disappear and essentially turn your home into a fully functioning indoor / outdoor room, perfect for entertaining.


If you have any questions or need help with a custom design, please get in touch.

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Clinton and Fiona