Kitchen Island Seating

Aug 12, 2022 | News

Although a kitchen island isn’t really classed as an area for formal dining, its functionality for both meal preparation and a casual bite to eat is a great option to have, especially if space is limited. There are many ways to add a comfortable and handsome spot to perch on in your kitchen. A little advanced planning will ensure you choose the best island with seating for your space, and needs. When planning your custom designed kitchen, start by deciding what your seating needs are: how many do you need to accommodate, for how long, and If your island will provide the only eating area in the room.

Banquette seating
Banquette seating offers the cosy intimacy of your favourite diner, at home. It’s also a great space-saving solution on a kitchen island unit, as fitted seating requires less floor space than freestanding. No matter the size and layout of your kitchen, banquette seating can be built within an island or under a window, or along a wall instead of dining chairs or a bench. An extra bonus is that you can utilise the base as storage, whether it be boxed in under the seat cushion or open, some people prefer this style of seating over a tall breakfast bar as it could be more comfortable than perching on stools.

Bar Stools
Brightly coloured bar stools can play a vital role when colour co-ordinating your kitchen. If you have an island with a small overhang, a couple of brightly coloured stools will create interest and the perfect resting point for your morning coffee. As far as barstool sitting surfaces go, fabric is the most versatile. Available in thousands of textures, colours and patterns, fabric-covered barstools give off a more relaxed feel. A padded seat is obviously a lot more comfortable than most other options making this route especially practical.

Low Level Seating
While a bar stool is the perfect pit stop for a quick lunch or glass of wine, there’s no denying a dining chair is more comfortable for a leisurely dinner. If your kitchen is your only dining option, it makes sense to choose seating that is comfortable for longer periods. Consider a drop-down kitchen island that enables comfy high back chairs or a low L-shaped design that runs around the corner of the island providing seating on two sides and a large area of useful extra surface space for eating, cooking or working.

How about Art deco?
If you want to evoke the glamours style of the 20’s, the easiest way to transform your kitchen into a chic space is with a fabulous bar stool straight out of the Jazz Age. Velvet-upholstered kitchen island seating with slim metal legs completes this scheme. Look out for materials such as Walnut and brass to add a touch of opulence.

Industrial Style
An industrial style barstool is the perfect complement to a kitchen based on materials such as stainless steel, iron and rough wood. These elements are often found in the kitchen in any case, especially because of all the appliances. This makes a rough metal bar stool with a leather seat the natural choice. Mix and match classic metal chairs with a wooden kitchen island and pile the worktop with house plants to complete this relaxed look

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