Kitchen Layout Mistakes

Apr 14, 2023 | Blog

Kitchen layout mistakes – there are several common mistakes that people make when designing their kitchen layout. Some of these mistakes include:

Poor Traffic Flow

The kitchen is often the busiest room in the house, and it’s important to ensure that there is enough space for people to move around freely without bumping into each other. A poorly designed kitchen layout can make it difficult to move around and can lead to accidents.

Inefficient Work Triangle

Another kitchen layout mistake is the work triangle, which is the area between the stove, sink, and refrigerator. A good kitchen layout should have an efficient work triangle, where the distance between these three areas is minimal. If the work triangle is too large, it can make cooking and preparing meals more difficult and time-consuming.

Lack of Counter Space

Counter space is essential in any kitchen, and it’s important to have enough of it for food preparation, cooking, and serving. Don’t make the kitchen layout mistake of having a lack of counter space, which can make it difficult to work in the kitchen and can also make the space feel cluttered.

Poor Lighting

Lighting is an essential element of any kitchen, and it’s important to have adequate lighting for cooking, cleaning, and entertaining. A poorly lit kitchen can make it difficult to see what you’re doing, and it can also create a gloomy and uninviting atmosphere.

Inadequate Storage

Storage is also an important element of any kitchen, and it’s important to have enough storage space for appliances, utensils, and food. Inadequate storage can make it difficult to keep the kitchen organized and can also make

We can help you avoid these kitchen layout mistakes.  We take time to consider your kitchen flow, counter space and storage requirements, so that your kitchen works for you.

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