Love Scandinavian kitchens? Here are 5 quick and easy looks to copy

Sep 4, 2020 | Blog

What we love about Scandinavian design is that there are so many ways to pull it off, and that the different styles all tend to contrast each other. You’ve got a very modern, minimal Scandi style for example, alongside that more traditional, super cosy, folksy look. Eclectic and stylish, the Scandinavian theme stretches to most living, dining and bedroom areas, but the kitchen is where it really comes out to shine. To help you create your very own Scandinavian look we’ve out together 5 quick and easy steps to create the custom designed kitchen of your dreams.



So an easy way to create a Scandinavian kitchen is to go for white everything. Using a lighter colour scheme will allow much more light to flood in and reflect off the walls, giving the illusion of a larger kitchen space and a more modern feel. You can warm up the space and add interest with plants, accessories and lighting, but stick to neutral colours and you really can’t go wrong.



You all have utensils right? Well then you have decoration. You see this in lots of Scandinavian kitchens, mostly because it’s practical, but it’s a bonus this display looks cute too. All you need is a peg rail to hang your nicest spoons, pans and very stylish string shopping bags from and there you have it, a quick Scandi-style update. Another idea for displaying your best crockery and glassware is the addition of open shelves or an art wall, just as you would in your lounge or hall. Interesting knick-knacks like copper pans and glass jars always work well, just ensure your pictures are protected from steam and splashes with glass-fronted frames.



The Scandinavians are really clever at balancing the hard surfaces in their homes (think wood flooring) by adding layers of fabrics. In a Scandi kitchen, it’s typical and rather lovely to have cushions on dining chairs and other soft furnishings.  Scandinavian designers often draw inspiration from folk, cottage art or nature, and are not afraid of using simple colours to good effect. Scandi style designs include stripes, birds, animals and flowers in vibrant reds and cool blues.



Because it wouldn’t be a Scandinavian kitchen if it wasn’t 100 per cent practical. Functionality is key and that means good storage especially if you are going for the minimalist look where everything needs to have a space. Nothing says clean and contemporary like handle-free cabinetry. It’s a good look to go for if you’re installing a lot of units at wall and floor level as it gives a more streamlined feel. Equally, if your kitchen is small, it makes for an uncluttered space. Think about replacing door units with discreet finger notches or slots, which are functional without compromising a sleek profile.



Having hanging lights in your kitchen is all the rage at the moment, and many people are opting for these over standard lights or spotlights. There are so many available to suit different kitchen styles. However to create a true Scandinavian look, simplicity is key, it’s all about keeping light soft, muted and inviting. From bamboo, clean copper, rustic metal or just a stand alone bulb, hanging lights will give your kitchen character and are also much brighter than standard lighting. Other lighting accessories you could include are unique floor lamps in the corner of your kitchen, staying with the natural look or a Scandi print shade which would add drama to the overall design.

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Clinton and Fiona