Post Pandemic Kitchen Must Haves

Jun 19, 2020 | Blog

The kitchen has always been one of the most important rooms in the house. However, after twelve weeks in lockdown, the kitchen has become VERY important.

So whether its office working, home baking, a restaurant for date nights or even a wine bar, here at The Kitchen Partners we can help you custom design your kitchen not just for the short-term but for a ‘new normal’ way of family life.

We’ve come up with three post pandemic design ideas to consider in your new Kitchen

  1. Multi functional work spaces – Working form home doesn’t mean your new office has to look like a bakery! Store Kitchen gadgets and appliances out the way, but easy to access, kitchen storage will need to become savvier. Think about clever folding cupboards that allow everything to be hidden away when out of use. Full height larder cupboards and fridge freezer housings can be integrated into the design providing a clutter free zone not to mention loads of extra storage.
  2. Dining Spaces – Formal Dining is making a comeback! No longer will we be skimping on kitchen tables or breakfast bars. Even in small spaces, having a table or space to sit around for a family meal or date night will be a deal-breaker. Regularly sitting around the table can be the one aspect of a busy day that you actually have control of. Finding the time to unwind and relax can easily start with sitting around the table, having a meal and discussing things other than work
  3. Sensor taps and push-to-open doors – Hand washing has been a big part of the Government’s campaign to stop the spread of Coronavirus. And it’s seen us all reevaluate our hygiene routines. Sensor taps that turn on when you wave your hand below the spout will stop you contaminating your brassware. While push-to-open doors can be gently opened with an elbow or knee. That makes things easier to put away, too.

Have a great weekend

Clinton and Fiona