Wine Storage

May 19, 2018 | Trends | 0 comments

It’s 2018 and we can all be the sommeliers that we try to be in restaurants. Gone are the days when if you didn’t have a cellar, you couldn’t house wine at the right temperature. With temperature and humidity fluctuations being wines worst enemy. Controlling these are the only way to really look after your wine well.  Improvements in technology now allow for the average person to actually store wine in better conditions than the cellar.


For the recommended optimum temperatures:

  • 5° – 18.5° for red
  • 10° – 15° for white
  • 7° – 9.5° for champagne and sparkling wine


The options available for the home cater for everyone. From those who have the odd glass on special occasions to those who wine tour in Argentina annually. The possibilities also allow for all size restraints. For the really aspirational, there are options for completely controlled wine rooms. Partitions for each kind of wine, space for tasting, storing the correct glasses, and of course, presenting your most prized bottles of legendary vintages front and centre.

For those without that amount of space, there are full height larder style wine units. Similar to what you might have as your fridge at home. These can hold around 90-140 bottles and regulate the sections for independent temperature and humidity for each type of wine.

And of course, a lot of us may only have a very slender space, but luckily, wine coolers are available all the way to down to 150mm wide, not dissimilar to the gap used by an integrated spice rack.

So, perhaps all it comes down to is: spices or wine? You decide!


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